About us

Founded over thirty years ago by manager Michèle Nardi-Valette, Lingua T has made a name for itself in the world of translation thanks to the proven skills and great professionalism of the entire team.


The Lingua T translators, all carefully selected for their qualifications and specialist fields, work closely together, constantly sharing their opinions and knowledge in six areas of expertise:



Owing to this rigorous approach, Lingua T is now acknowledged as a guarantee of reliability and quality by clients who are as loyal as they are varied. Law firms, cultural and tourist organisations, public and private companies, museums and communication & marketing agencies all regularly place their trust in us. As do major European institutions such as the European Commission and the European Investment Bank.

When FLEXIBILITY and EFFICIENCY go hand in hand!

Lingua T boasts a light, flexible structure that is intentionally limited. This enables perfect control of order management and follow-up, so as to respond quickly and efficiently to the requests received.

For each translation request, Michèle selects the best translator for the task from among her highly qualified team, based on the target language and the subject matter. She keeps a close eye on the progress of the work and ensures that the deadlines agreed with the client are met. Thanks to this total follow-up, clients can rest assured that their orders are handled with the greatest care.


Translator and manager of Lingua T

Michèle Nardi-Valette, who has dual French and Italian nationality, holds a diploma from the École d’Interprètes Internationaux (Faculty of Translation and Interpretation at the University of Mons, Belgium). Having gained experience at the European Commission and in international companies, she began working on a freelance basis in January 1986, translating from English and Italian into French.

Constantly perfecting her skills, over the years she has specialised in European affairs, national and European law, tourism and cultural and social subjects.

The increasingly varied requests from her clients very soon prompted her to call upon the services of other experienced translators with whom she works closely to manage multilingual projects. So Michèle now combines her responsibilities as manager of Lingua T with her work as a sworn translator accredited by the Court of First Instance in Namur and the Consulate General of Italy in Charleroi (see Translator-Translation.net and Belgian-sworn-translator.be). Adopting a meticulous, efficient approach, she coordinates the orders and follows the progress of the translations attentively until the final text has been delivered, always with a single aim in mind: client satisfaction!

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