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To guarantee optimal quality, whatever the field,
Lingua T has forged a work philosophy that revolves around

six main principles


  • rigorous selection of translators:
    Working exclusively into their mother tongues, Lingua T’s translators have higher degrees in translation and proven experience in various specializations;
  • close cooperation with our clients:
    To dispel possible doubts about meaning in the source text and thus reproduce its content most faithfully in the target language, nothing beats direct dialogue with the client, combined with thorough examination of all reference materials that the client can provide;
  • constant dialogue between translators assigned to the same job:
    Keen to ensure perfect terminological and stylistic consistency, Lingua T’s translators constantly exchange their points of view and findings on common jobs or subjects;
  • meticulous translation quality control:
    All translations are proofread thoroughly before delivery;
  • absolute confidentiality:
    Our translators are bound by the strictest rules of confidentiality, regardless of the type of text;
  • observance of deadlines:
    Delivering on the date set by common accord with the client is an absolute priority.